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In river Dalälven there are walleye, grayling and lake trout. In all lakes around Husbyringen there are bream, pike, perch and burbot.  There are trout and whitefish in Edsken and Grycken and walleye in Amungen. You can buy fishing licenses and equipment in Stjärnsund kiosk.

There are opportunities to try hunting and fishing in the area between Garpenberg and Stjärnsund. You can also hire a private lake with fishing arrangements for groups or companies.

Husby northern fishing area

The fishing area includes the lakes Kalven, Edsken, Fullen, Grycken, Skysslingen, St Skällningen, Stora Ässjön and Lilla Ässjön, Hällsjön, Hålen, Bysjön, Lången, Hålnan and Rällningen.

There are information boards at Långshyttan, Stjärnsund, Silfhytteå, and Edskens camping.

Please contact Ralf Roos for more information: +46 (0)70-303 69 53.

Fish species: Pike, perch, bream and burbot in all lakes. Trout and whitefish in Edsken, Fullen and Grycken. Walleye has been planted in Bysjön, Grycken and Lången.

Fishing license: Daily fishing license 50 SEK (family license), weekly license 100 SEK (family license). Full year license 300 SEK (per person). Family license means that family members may fish together (not separately). Allowed fishing methods/tools are fishing pole, casting rod (max two per person), ice angling (max 15 tools). Youth below 18 years fish for free with fishing pole, casting rod or jig rod. Additional license for whitefish fishing, 200 SEK (allowed from September 15 until December 31 with two normal fishing nets (a full year license is required).

Trolling: a maximum of three fish per day is allowed when trolling for pike, walleye and trout.

Restrictions: minimum measures are 50 cm for walleye and 40 cm for trout. Smaller fish should be put back alive in the water. Furthermore it is forbidden to

  • fish in small river or streams within the area
  • catch crayfish
  • use pike scissor traps (gäddsax)
  • use baitfish from lakes/waters other than those within the area.

Fishing license is sold at Hedemora Tourist Office, (phone +46 (0)225-343 48), Loppis Långshyttan (phone +46 (0)225-609 99), Stjärnsund kiosk (phone +46(0)225-800 80), Tourist Office in Hofors (phone +46(0)290-280 02), Edskens Camping (phone +46(0)290-22043), Mack och Fritid Torsåker (+46(0)290-402 40).

Boat rental: Stjärnsund kiosk, (phone +46(0)225-800 80), two rowboats with 3 hp motors.

There are boat launches at Gustafsnäsviken in Långshyttan, the bathing place in Stjärnsund and Silfhytteå, and Edskens Camping.

Husby-Hedemora fishery conservation area

The Husby-Hedemora fishery conservation area is also active within Husbyringen.

Husby-Hedemora fishery conservation area has, within its boundaries, 250 kilometers of river Dalälven, and about 20 big and small lakes in closeness to the rover or in the forests. The area includes the Hovran area around lake Hovran.

In the area there is plenty of pike, perch and walleye for fishing, both from a boat and from land.

All information needed can be found at website , where you also can buy fishing licenses directly. For more information: Chairman Johan Backlin +46 (0)225-230 50.

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